“Teachers are the messengers of God”.

ACHARIYA teachers have a motherly approach to the children. We are proud to say our teachers are the best. Our teachers are sincere, dedicated, loving and interact with the children in English. At school, children feel as if they are at home.



good Infrastructure

We provide Pre-Primary Education and training to the children of tender age, adapting the time – tested and globally approved Montessori Method of Education to give good foundation and fine tune the basic skills.

  • Pre.K.G : 2.5 yrs
  • Mont-I : 3.5 yrs
  • Mont-II : 4.5 yrs.

Primary School

Best Environment

This institution is an internationally benchmarked school in Puducherry, offering education from Pre-school to Grade XII. We provide the best than what conventional and modern schools offer – focus on academic excellence and discipline, while nurturing individuality and inventive thinking in every student. We also back it up with infrastructure that is comparable to the best international schools in India. We also share our goals and performance with parents. The highly qualified, well-experienced staff create congenial and friendly atmosphere. The Primary education is imparted through Multiple Intelligence system of education inclusive of play – way method and activity method.


Secondary School

Best Facilities

5 – Yrs (Standard VI to X) : Structured curriculum of CBSE which is really global in character, is being followed. Inherent abilities and short comings of students are identified and trained suitably to develop their skills and abilities. Appropriate yoga practices are administered to overcome their shortcomings. Our students are trained to live a value based life. The Examination results of standard X are given special importance and approach in schooling is done with extra preparation to get the maximum scores in the Board Exams.


Higher Secondary

Residental School

2 – Yrs (Standard XI to XII) : The schooling for higher secondary is a gateway for student’s higher education in order to get admission in professional colleges. Students are prepared to face the XII board exam with confidence and comfort. Special programs are conducted from IX std onwards focusing on entrance exams to get admission in various top colleges and universities in India and Overseas. The Academic approach is done with extra coaching and special classes aiming for maximum marks with distinction and state rank.


Program Objectives

Celebrations are the part of Academics for the ACHARIYANS. Through different celebrations children are learning about different customs and traditions of our country.

  1. Colours day
  2. Father’s day
  3. Brushing & Washing day
  4. Vegetable day
  5. Kite-Flying day
  6. Grand Parent’s Day
  7. Picnic with Mothers
  8. Flowers day
  9. Fancy Dress Competition
  10. Fruits day
  11. Field Trip
  12. Diwali Celebration
  13. Mother’s day
  14. Project Day
  15. Transport Day
  16. Nature walk
  17. Mask Day
  18. Making my garden


  • The creative abilities of the students are manifested.
  • The tiny tots of ACHARIYA are entering the school in a happy mood & carry with them a sackful of happiness, knowledge & boldness.
  • Teachers are multi-faceted personalities, academically qualified and trained in the Montessori system of Education.
  • Frequent seminars, assignments, projects and workshop make the teachers keep on pace with the requirements and development of the students’ education.
  • Students are given updated knowledge.
  • Each child is on the process of developing a multi-dimensional personality.
  • The minds and souls of the students are tuned, to have a healthy and wealthy future.
  • Students Teachers Ratio is 15 : 1
  • Each class is provided with two Teachers.