• Only School in Puducherry to house, world class learning equipment and Environment
  • Smart classrooms with Best Infrastructure Glass-board, White marker board, pinup Board and Individual Cupboard
  • LCD in each classroom Facility
  • Language Labs
  • Well-equipped Math Lab
  • Separate Labs facility for Science Subjects
  • Vast Collection of best books in library
  • Lavish auditorium
  • Four Languages- English, Tamil, Hindi, French
  • Edu-Comp Education
  • EZ Vidya Computer Education
  • Indoor and Outdoor Games
  • Performing Arts—Music, Dance, Arts &Crafts
  • Projects and Field trips
  • Industrial Visits
  • Numerous Clubs To inculcate Hobbies and improve knowledge
  • Participation of each student in Co-curricular Activities and external competitions- where Winning is a habit of ACHARIYA.
  • Programmes for Habit formation, Character Building and personality development
  • Focus on Multiple Intelligence.
  • Concentration on holistic and overall development
  • 24 Hrs surveillance with CCTV facility in each Classroom and Campus to ensure safety of students environment
  • Monthly News-letter facility
  • Teacher student Ratio 2:30
  • Citation and graduation Ceremony facility
  • Awards and scholarships
  • Fully furnished students residence from V std onwards
  • Neat, Clean and Hygienic Mess providing nutritious food 5 times a day
  • Dining arrangements in the campus for day scholars
  • Fleet of bus facilities
  • Communication to parents about attendance, marks, fee status etc. through online SMS.
  • Gateway for Achievers
Smart Class Room

hostel for boys & girlsIn order to give prepared environment for studies, all class rooms in ACHARIYA are Smart Classrooms facility with Computer and Projector to aid audio visual learning. Sufficient Educational software are made available. The furniture and seating arrangement are made keeping in mind the interactive environment in the classroom. Each classroom has a Glass board, White marker board, Pinup board and individual cupboard for each student. Each class room has its own library (Classroom library concept). All classrooms of ACHARIYA SIKSHA MANDIR – CBSE is fully air-conditioned.

Well equipped Montessori Lab

CBSE boarding SchoolThe Montessori equipments facilities are prepared in such a way that the children after apresentation or demonstration can work by themselves. The control of errors helps the child to do the activity correctly or when he makes a mistake he realizes it himself and corrects it which helps in self learning. It helps the child to work independently and gain concentration, independence and creativity.

Exercise of Practical Life

Exercises of practical life are really those simple daily activities which we perform in our environment to preserve it. Children like to do these activities, so the child shows great interest in them. The direct aim of the exercises of practical life is to acquire independence, to help the child to be independent in performing the elementary movements, looking after the environment of school, looking after oneself and social relations.

Project & Field Trips

ACHARIYA the Residential School believes in imparting education that works for life. In order to have better clarity and understanding the students have 3 projects in a year along with 3 field trips based on the projects. The project work develops individual team building capacity, leadership qualities and above all to think and express individually. Encouragement of transferable skills such as analytical problem solving, cognitive skills, organizational leadership, interpersonal skills, body language and expression are done based on project topics. Students are taken to concerned department or sites to learn more on the topic. admission CBSE School

Industrial Visit

In ‘order to link the Industry with the school, The Students of ACHARIYA CBSE School are given Industrial exposure every year. The students are taken to small. medium and large scale Industries based on the academic study and project topics.


ACHARIYA Residential School believes in having happy & Best Environment CBSE school to encourage children to be involved in schooling. There are various occasions to bring this happy environment in the school. Enough functions and celebrations are done in the school every year with themes and topics that are relevant to the academic and personality development of the children.


A lavish 1,500 seat auditorium specially designed with excellent acoustics is provided as a platform for stage performances, meetings, gathering and celebrations, where future leaders and global citizens gain confidence to students of both hostel & Residential School Students.


An excellent infrastructured library with a vast collection of books is available for reference and reading. The library is also equipped with books to enable the designing of worksheet for CBSE & ICSE. A special feature of our library is the new concept of class room library. Books are distributed to students on rotation for 7 days. The schools are following NIE programs and ” The Hindu” is made available by the schools to all the day scholars & hostel students from class III to XII on all working days.

Campus Safety

ACHARIYA School & hostel campuses are developed keeping the saftey of students in mind. Sufficient fire fighting equipments are provided in the campus. The school has 24 hours surveillance equipped with CCTV and security Personnel. Only purified water through the mineral water treatment plant is provided as drinking water.


The students of ACHARIYA – CBSE School are given maximum exposure to develop their musical Intelligence for Residential Students too . Every day an hour special training is given to students based on their choice of musical instruments. Expert artists train the children in both dance and music (Classical & Western). Students have a choice of ten musical instruments to choose from and learn. The school also has its own school band orchestered by students. The Musical Instruments are Veena / Miruthangam / Thapela / Guitar / Keyboard / Western Dance.

Arts & Craft

The artistic skills of the children are groomed from very early stage of Best Montessori education system. The students are given more exposure and opportunities to develop the special and visual intelligence. Art & craft is a part of curriculum at all levels. The students are also given special training in mind mapping to understand the concepts clearly in all subjects.

Club Activities

Club activities are conducted to cater to the varied interest of the students. The activities are conducted during CBSE school hours. The following clubs are in existence for the current year.

Einstein Science Club / Kabirdas Hindi Club / Davenski Club / Creative Club / Philately Club / Memory Club / Readers Club / Cultural Club / Music Club / Critic Club / Quiz Club / Yoga Club / NSS / NGS.


We have an best environment for the Yoga students have achieved lots of Glory and have left their mark in the field of activity amply demonstrated by the titles won by them.

Competitions & Tournaments
  • The both hostel & days scholar students of ACHARIYA are prepared to be highly competitive in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • The school has a pre-planned regular program every year for tournaments and competitions.
  • Every student must participate in at least 10 tournaments and competitions every year.
  • ACHARIYA has best infrastructure. The students are trained to be highly competent to be the winner in their field of activity.
  • The school conducts house-wise and zone-wise competitions to identify top performers.
  • The school also gives training and preparation for the students to win the prizes in State and National level competitions.
  • Student Residence – A Home Filled
With Fun Learning And Friends

ACHARIYA residential program is offered to students from 5th standard onwards in Achariya Siksha Mandir and Sri Sampourna Vidyalayam, Pondicherry. Hostel with world class facilities are provided for boys and girls separately. An environment of discipline with a family atmosphere is created in the hostel to make students feel at home. ACHARIYA hostel is a well prepared environment to help students to focus on academic. The Hostel caters to the needs of the budget families seeking quality education.

Hostel & Canteen

The magnificently structured hostel block with the 4 storeyed building is situated at a stone’s throw from the campus of Residential CBSE School Achariya Siksha Mandir. Homely, with an uninterrupted corridor of about 8 well-furnished dormitories & rooms accommodating 3 students in each (a total of 300 students).

The most thoughtfully planned hostel Environment is designed to possess high ceiling, high level open type ventilation, window openings on both sides of the rooms & dormitories for free air circulation along with

  • Individual built-in wardrobes with lockers
  • Books & Stationery shelves
  • Writing desk with light top
  • Cupboards for toiletry articles
  • Internet access facility available
  • Water treatment plant providing clean and pure drinking water
  • A high-tech gymnasium with all facilities
  • Telephone on each floor
  • Common hygienic bathrooms, toilets, urinals and wash basins
Dining on Campus

Every student of ACHARIYA is given nutritious milk based drink in the morning and quality healthy snacks in the evening as refreshment.

Dining on best environment campus, for students of ACHARIYA, is available both for day scholars and hostellers. ACHARIYA hostel kitchen has well equipped modern cooking facilities. The food is prepared hygienically. The students enjoy tasty variety of menu combining both South Indian and North Indian food.

Citation & Graduation Ceremony

Motivation and Appreciation play key role in developing the student’s self confidence and self esteem. Based on the student’s performance during Academic, Co-curricular, Extra-curricular and other areas, the student strength is identified and appreciated throughout the year. An exclusive day to appreciate the students individually is a citation day. Every student receives prizes and certificates with citation done by the class teachers in presence of the parents. The Montessori students have a Graduation ceremony every year for Mont. II student graduating to I Std.

Awards and Scholarship

ACHARIYA Educational Public Trust offers deserving awards and scholarships to the students. Awards and scholarships are given to students who show excellence and achievements in academic, co-curricular and extracurricular programs. The students securing first and second rank in Achariya Siksha Mandir throughout the academic year are given the whole year tuition fees as scholarship towards next year fees. Students who achieve national level ranking are given free education throughout the schooling at ACHARIYA. Students securing State ranks, Centum in X and XII Std board exam are given hefty cash and Gold awards every year.


CBSE Admission ApplicationThe School is well connected by road facilities. The School has a fleet of self owned, modern means of conveyance consisting of about 40 buses & 20 vans to meet all the requirements of the children, staff and administration.

Counseling Centre

Our counselors, and best trained teachers well-versed in the area, are available round the clock who lend a friendly listening ear to the children urging them to excel, encouraging them and providing emotional support when they need it. Counselors also help the students to improve their Leadership skills.

International Certificate Program

ACHARIYA – CBSE School is in with partnership with many international educational organizations for delivering the world class education. Every year students are prepared intensively to score well. The International Certificate Program is conducted for students from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France and United States. Achariya Siksha Mandir entered into an agreement with Bharatidasan University to offer certificate course in Computer for classes V to IX.

Annual Magazine

The annual magazine is distributed to all the students highlighting their inherent talent, creative thinking, activities and Top achievements of the Students, Teachers and the School in Multifarious areas. The highlight of the magazine is invariably publishing all the creations of Students without omitting even a single child.


The Bharat Scouts and Guides, established in 1909 and 1911 respectively, is a voluntary, non-political educational movement for young people irrespective of race, creed or origin.
With the ideal principles “Duty to God; Duty to Others; Duty to Self” it has extended its service all over our nation. It is a system of progressive self-education for children through a promise and law, learning by doing and, above all, setting in contact with nature.
Achariya Siksha Mandir, Villianur, pondicherry is quite fortunate to have ample of scouts and guides who are active members of local, national and international communities. In addition to fulfil the needs and aspirations of needy, they participate in almost all the camps conducted all over India and bring laurels to Achariya. The camps include:

  • National Integration Camp
  • Patrol Leader Training Camp
  • First-Aid Course
  • Syllabus Testing and Training Camp
  • Raja Puraskar Testing Camp

They extend noble service to the society by planting trees, organizing awareness rallies, controlling traffic in the heart of town during festivals and some more.